Dental Implant Dentist NJ
Dental Implant Dentist NJ

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Implant Dentist

The Implant Dentist - Dr. Kurpis
Since graduation from Columbia University Dental School in 1974, I have dedicated my professional life to helping patients achieve normal function and improve their appearance with the aid of dental implants. Modern implant dentistry is very exciting and offers much hope for the countless millions of Americans whose lives can be changed by dental implants
I look forward to helping you with these new and exciting implant procedures; my goal is to improve your comfort, appearance and the overall quality of your life.


We place, restore, and maintain dental implants.
Our Office is a one stop shop for implant dental services. This is in sharp contrast to many general dentists who refer their implant surgery patients to an entirely different dental office. It is comforting for the patient to know that I perform all surgical implant procedures myself and place all cosmetic dentistry procedures on top of the implants as well. By being both a surgeon and a restorative dentist, many of the problems associated with multiple doctor approach to dental care can be avoided.


Patients find it very reassuring to know who exactly is responsible for all aspects of their dental treatment. Additionally, you will have the convenience of having all your work performed at one location, our state of the art dental facility, supported by a highly trained and caring staff. Suffer from Dental Anxiety? We can help.

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